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Evocity was founded by Matt Mitchener, an Australian marketing professional, now based in Shanghai (China), with over 10 years experience in working with businesses to realise their true business potential...

Evocity was founded by Matt Mitchener, an Australian marketing professional, now based in Shanghai (China), with over 10 years experience in working with businesses to realise their true business potential...

Matt has worn many hats in his career thus far - marketing, partnerships, distribution, sales, operations, business development, sponsorships, product, events, digital and technology, conference speaker, communications, new business setups and consultant. As a result, Matt has an ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges. Matt has a passion for business, technology, partnerships and assisting companies on how to reach their full potential. Since 2017, Matt has been based in Shanghai after spending nearly 7 years in Sydney. 

Matt has completed his MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) whilst also holding an undergraduate degree from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) focusing on International Business & Marketing. Matt is currently learning Mandarin to further support his Chinese clients. 

Clients we have worked with:

MyState Bank
Purple Circle Financial Services
Sail Business Loans
Giant Finance Group
Lending Corp
Strategy 360
Aus Asia Finance Hub


Brand Strategy and Positioning

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets - we can help you maximise it through creative and intentional positioning.

Partnerships and Distribution

We help you create and maintain great relationships with your strategic partners to ensure mutual and ongoing success.

Digital Marketing Execution

Digitial marketing can be a mine field of disasters. Let us guide your course to ensure success in this unique environment.

Product Marketing and Channel Strategy

Beyond your brand is your product. We can create a plan to bring your product and its message to your customers.

Creative Project Management

Our consultancy services can help you execute your creative project with the right tools and focus, ensuring its success.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Your customers are ready to place their trust in you. Let us help you treat them with the attention and respect they desire.

Business Planning and Start-Ups

Planning is paramount to success. Before diving in with your first or next big idea, let us help build the plans first.

Client Testimonials


"Matt is one of those rare gems that every business wishes they have. Matt has wisdom far beyond his years and levels of energy, enthusiasm and dedication that are absolutely amazing to work with. Matt has been vital in creating a leading brand in the Australian financial services industry and has taken the brand from concept to award-winning status, in only one year! If you're looking for a cutting-edge Gen-Y'er with the values and commitment of a Gen-X'er, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more talented and valuable addition."

Alan Gibbons (Management Consultant, Growth Mantra)

"Matt is very entrepreneurial and results-driven. He is a top-tier marketing specialist and very commercially-minded, driving change and impact as quickly as possible. His thinking on partnerships and understanding of distribution channels for financial services products is particularly market leading."

Alex Molloy (Co-Founder, Valiant Finance)

"I have worked with Matt for the last six years and has a been a great asset to work with. Matt's ability to recognise opportunities, act on them and then implement is second to none. Very talented and experienced for someone of his tenure."

Tim Brown (Founding Principal, Opica Group)

"It’s so rare that you get to work with standout talent, but I was blessed with the opportunity working with Matt at Vow and Yellow Brick Road. Matt’s ability to think holistically and strategically, yet outside the box, means he will always deliver compelling ideas. Matt is always highly productive and very positive, always talking the time to help out and nut out an idea or project."

Lauren Bolton (Marketing Manager, Financial Planners Association)

"Matt is a leader of the future. He brings together logic, good business acumen, creativity and uncompromising honesty in his role. I hope I get the chance to work with Matt again in the future."

Chris Barilla (Business Alliance Manager, Core Logic)

"Matt is a highly developed communicator with a proven track record in brand development, sales and marketing - also supporting a broad network within the financial services sector. Matt utilizes his strong strategic management capability together with his analytical and problem solving skills to deliver results"

Dawn Inanli (General Manager, Raine and Horne Financial Services)

"Matt has been an integral part of the success of our organisation in the past 12 months for many reasons. Most of all is his brilliant insights in the digital marketing space and his ability to work collaborative with the industry to further the cause of brokers in Australia. He is one of the best young marketing talents in the financial services industry."

Stephen Hale (Head of Marketing & Communications, Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia)

"Matt is an outstanding marketer. He has tremendous energy levels, enthusiasm and a contagious can-do attitude. He has a very good technical understanding of the entire marketing landscape and particularly digital or e-marketing."

Jeff Zulman (Managing Director, BBBSA Finance)

"Matt is an outstanding marketer, an innovator and a problem solver with an entrepreneurial mind. He goes above and beyond to get the job done and done well."

Nina Ardila (Go-To-Market Ad Product Marketing Manager, News Corp )

"From the very first meeting I was impressed with Matt's ability to not only bring together thoughts and ideas that were relevant to both our businesses, but with his ability to execute those ideas effectively and efficiently. Matt is a talented and passionate marketer with strong implementation skills."

Kon Shizas (General Manager - Product & Services, eChoice)

"Matt oozes enthusiasm and energy, and is never short of an idea which has generated business for OFX. Matt certainly delivers what he promises and then some when it comes to new marketing initiatives and supporting his network."

Jonathan Sermon (Senior Alliance Manager, OFX)

"Matt is highly sought after professional and has a strong can-do attitude, his expertise in both marketing and technology is of an exceptional standard. I have no doubt Matt will achieve excellent job roles going forward in his working career, he has a very friendly and approachable attitude to life and people and for that I highly recommend him."

Glenn Mitchell (Head of Commercial & Leasing, Vow Financial)

"Matt is an astute, entrepreneurial & commercially focused marketer. His enthusiasm, willingness to help and responsiveness to action items is amazing!"

Jan Borgelt (Foreign Currency Receivables Specialist, Flywire)

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